You GOT OF WHICH Animation Meme | Social media marketing Humanized

The phrase for Social networking Humanized will be “SMH”; ) smh

Unique Animation Meme by kaho:

Encouraged by Torriku Sotaru’s countryhumans version:

“U Obtained That” Track by Tungsten-halogen:

Social networking (in order):
Reddit, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, Musical. ially, Snapchat, Spotify, DeviantArt, Zynga, Twitter, Vien Tok, Amino, 4chan, Youtube . com

Volvo Vegas Professional, Paint Instrument SAI

oof srry for your tweened cartoon meme stuff- mostly desired to practice modifying a tiny little bit.

oh! and in addition, a lot more with this “social mass media humanized” things is in the instagram: